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Self-awareness through the art of story.

These special albums are designed to help you focus on your child's strengths and talents year-by-year. Spending as little as one hour each year can increase their self-awareness, help develop a more positive mindset and build self-belief. Get started on this fun process today. 

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Your Story by 2

Collate your child’s story year by year with the album that grows with your child – to become a cherished book of precious childhood memories

Your Story By 3

Capture poignant moments in a visual & tangible way – the perfect gift of reflection in an album for generations to connect and enjoy

Your Story By 5
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Your Story

Our albums are custom designed and handmade with care in Australia.

Your Story By 6

Mum pleased to start capturing her son's story

I’m truly blown away by the quality of my album from Inicio!

I ordered an album for my 4 year old son as I wanted all his loose photos from different daycares in one place, and also thinking ahead for his school photos.

From the moment I opened the package, I felt like I had something special in my hands.

Great thought, love and care has gone into every part of it - this is not an off the shelf product!

It has been a fun and meaningful process, thinking back to my son’s birth and I’m happy to have all the important information and photos in one album.

I also enjoyed reading and sticking the inspirational quotes.

Every detail has been thought of to make a truly special book of memories for anyone.

Thanks Inicio! I highly recommend your album to anyone.

Choose from our range of album covers to start capturing your story. No more mess or multiple albums, collate your yearly memories into 1 quality album.


Let us write your story

We understand how busy life can get. Let us help you write your story, bit-by-bit, by taking advantage of today's technology.

Your Story By 1

Let us design for you

Some stories may require a special touch. Our graphic artist can help design your special album cover and printed display pages.

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Choose from our range of unique, handmade albums and accompanying products and design services. Albums come ready-made, personalised (for your child or, family) or customised (for your school or organisation).

The gift of a lifetime Starts at $169*

Surprise a loved one with an Inicio Albums gift certificate. On ordering one we will email you a gift certificate with a coupon code that reduces the price at the check-out to zero.

*An additional $15 for postage will be charged.

Your Story By 17